Absinthe Films Leak #3: I’m Not Snowboarding

It’s always a good day when Absinthe Films leaks footy. This season the veteran film company has shown the digital snowboard community fingers on the pulse. A-grade leaks and IG live sessions are bringing us the goods faster than ever, and the riding coming from guys like Brandon Cocard, Hans Mindnich, and Canadian Frank Jobin is stoking us out like crazy.

From Absinthe:

“This March Absinthe traveled from Utah to the Northeast stacking for the new movie. Jed Sky, Frank Jobin, and Demetri Bales crewed up with Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard and Judd Henkes to make this past month the heaviest yet, with enough extra footy to make up our third leak.”

Shot/edited by Ryan Finder
Music by Brandon Cocard

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