Author: David MacKinnon

Absinthe Films Leak #3: I’m Not Snowboarding

It’s always a good day when Absinthe Films leaks footy. This season the veteran film company has shown the digital snowboard community fingers on the pulse. A-grade leaks and IG live sessions are bringing us the goods faster than ever, and the riding coming from guys like Brandon Cocard, Hans Mindnich, and Canadian Frank Jobin is stoking us out like crazy. From Absinthe: “This March Absinthe traveled from Utah to the Northeast stacking for the new movie. Jed Sky, Frank Jobin, and Demetri Bales crewed up with Hans Mindnich, Brandon Cocard and Judd Henkes to make this past month...

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The Delinquents: The Junkyard

What do you do when your local park lacks features? Start grinding. That’s exactly what The Delinquents did to produce their latest edit, “The Junkyard”. The Maritimes killers worked with Ski Martock to up the ante and give local rippers a place to express themselves, and we’re backing the results. DIY or die! From The Delinquents’ Ian MacArthur: “We don’t have much here for good parks, so we have been working with the hill, to help switch things up a bit. We bought some new rails for the park and grabbed a bunch of random stuff from around the...

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Snowboard Canada 25.2: On the Cover

The Photo Issue is live! Chris Rasman and photographer Jussi Grznar nabbed the cover, setting the tone for an issue full of bangers with a massive front five in Pemberton, BC. With the help of the ManBoys, we ambushed Chris over eggs benny to share the surprise. Watch the video below to hear what Chris had to say about the session, his new partnership with Ripcurl, and getting ready to shred AK with Travis Rice. To get your hands on issue 25.2, subscribe or visit your favourite core snowboard shop! From Jussi Grznar: “I’ve always been fascinated by the...

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The 32nd Annual Legendary Banked Slalom

Every snowboarder needs to experience LBS in their lifetime. I can’t say that enough. It’s truly what snowboarding is really all about, seeing old friends, making new ones, and having a good time while being at a contest. Well, it isn’t really isn’t a contest, but holds the same clout as a one… Click below for full...

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Put it in the Bowl “PEEKSBOWL”: Video

Not just another park edit, “PEEKSBOWL” is a walk through the collective imagination of the BOWL. Or is it a compilation of some of the best jibbing we’ve seen from the Sun Peaks terrain park? It couldn’t be both… could it? From Put it in the Bowl: Snowboarding with Geremy Guido, Tommy Van, Aiden Hryciw, Bryce Bugera, Teilhard Volk, Mathew Wonbon, Chodes Mcgodes, Corey Kowalski, Brayden Kirby, Zuzy Rocka, Sophie Nicholls-Austin – Thanks for the support – Capita Snowboards Union Bindings Billabong Von Zipper Stance 32 Filming – Liam Hall – Corey Kowalski Editing – Liam Hall PUT IT...

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