Author: David MacKinnon

Put it in the Bowl “Whatdoesitmean?”: Full Length

Clips, clips, clips! Your favourite Kamloops crew just dropped a re-cut of their 16/17 shots, and we’re loving seeing all this good in one place. Each BOWL ripper has his own approach to spots, and seeing G, Fonduh, Bryce, Tommy and Teil chopped into individual parts showcases the diversity that makes this crew so rad. And that Lou Reed cover– fire! From Put it in the Bowl: a snowboarding film ft Geremy Guido, Aiden Hryciw, Bryce Bugera, Tommy Van, Teilhard Volk & friends. – Supported by – Capita Snowboards Union Binding Co. Billabong VonZipper 32 Stance – Filming –...

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Oli Gagnon 2017

Oli Gagnon is one of the good guys, one of the dudes keeping snowboarding on track. His photography has a way of letting progressive riding speak for itself, and his contributions through projects like 1%er Magazine always manage to remind us why we do this. In this edit, we have the rare privilege of seeing the riding at the core of Oli’s creative work– with feel like this, no wonder the man spins...

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Ryan Paterson “Out of Service”: Full Part

Powderson’s on a tear! His full part shows the highlights of a season spent pushing his limits, and the young ripper killed it. With the mentorship of Geoff Brown and the opportunity to channel his energy into ‘Out of Service’, Ryan ticked a whole slew of spots off the hit list and managed to ride some big mountain lines along the way. We can’t wait to see what’s next from this up-and-coming backcountry...

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Geoff Brown “Out of Service”: Full Part

Geoff Brown is a true veteran, and his drive to push himself in the Whistler backcountry is still picking up momentum. In advance of dropping ‘Out of Service: Season 2’, Geoff decided to treat us to his full part– all killer, no filler. Keep your eyes peeled for the full webisodes, which will take viewers behind the scene as the crew goes through the ups and downs of a filming season, and in the meantime enjoy some hammers from one of Whistler’s favourite jumpers. From Out of Service: Geoff Brown managed to find some great snow in spite of...

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Oil Country “OVERSCAN”: Full Video

Half street, half backcountry, all rad. The Oil Country crew truly took things to the next level with their latest project, OVERSCAN. This one raises the bar for the blue-collar full length with professional quality filming, editing and, of course, boarding– aggressive, well-rounded riding from the crew leaves this one thick with bangers. From Oil Country: OVERSCAN?¿ It can be an annoying setting on a shitty television, a fancy way to frame film or a quick way to see the current state of snowboarding in Alberta. Riders: Andy James Tanner Davidson Dustin Craven Darcy Keller Tim Nelson Manu Calvo...

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