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Canadians of the Holy Bowly- Andrew Burns

Andrew Burns has never been afraid to work for it. The Ottawa native cut his teeth on boarding young, busting ass to get to Camp of Champs at the ripe age of 14. That summer his riding attracted the attention of Ken Achenbach, a legendary pioneer of Blackcomb freestyle who’s entrepreneurial achievements in the Canadian snowboard industry had given him more than sufficient background for recognizing work ethic and determination. Burns had both in spades, and Ken hired him on as a COC coach when he was 16. From there, Burns fast-tracked high school in Ontario so he could...

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Canadians of the Holy Bowly- Lucas Ouellette

Dudes, dudettes, shred dogs and betties– have you been watching #holybowly? Has the monstrosity of dopeness hooked you in, got your feeds locked and your boards pointed to Mammoth like makeshift altars? We’re down here watching it happen, and it’s blowing our minds. We finally got our satellite office dialed in (after a few days of figuring out the balance between wifi, tent spots, and hot springs), and we’re stoked to be bringing you the stories of the coolest mugs down here, the Canadians. See, Canadian boarders aren’t just good at being slopestyle prodigies and ripping sh*t in the...

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Lukas Huffman and the Aeris Movie: Interview

Photos: Lanie McAuley By the time Lukas Huffman enrolled in Columbia University’s film program, he had been around his share of cameras. As part of the cast of professional snowboarders who brought refined and large-scale freestyle charging to the mid-2000s, Huffman’s riding career progressed along with the move in snowboard film production towards sophistication. While he transitioned from pro boarding towards his education, he was watching friends like Mack Dawg’s Mike McEntire develop technically as cinematographers. He was also turning the drive that made him an iconic boarder towards crafting stories through the art of moviemaking. The combination of inspiration...

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Austin Johnson Park Footy 2015/2016: Video

Yesterday we snuck out for some laps, but committed a cardinal sin.  We checked the work accounts from the hill.  Yet thanks to Austin Johnson, our lapse into desk jock mentalities was not completely anti-rad.  He hit us with his park edit from 2015/16, and managed to fire us up from halfway across the country.  Check this one out for a clinic in technicality from the Mt. St. Louis ripper: Wondering how you can submit footy and be featured on the site?  Well homies, ask around.  Part of snowboarding is learning how to hussle, and y’ain’t qualified for even hussle 101...

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The Middle/Path Project Stops by the Office

On Tuesday night, the Middle Path crew stopped by for a visit. Actually, maybe it was Wednesday morning. We don’t know– we were asleep. The homies had some business near our neighbourhood, and needed a crash spot for the night. The American crew has quite a lot going on in Canada, funnily through connections of Chilean origin, and with membership from Utah, AK, Montana, and Washington, that’s not the only wicked bit of boarders coming together marked by Middle/Path. We had a coffee with the boys after they’d caught some morning Z’s and we’d caught some morning hussles, and got the inside...

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