Author: David MacKinnon

Pemberton Music Festival Announces 2016 Line Up

Pemberton is a shredder’s paradise. 30 kilometres north of Whistler and framed by iconic backcountry areas like Miller Creek and the Duffy Lake Road, the village of 2, 500 is home to more shreds who get more pow than us than we care to admit. But as the changing seasons make us think of summer, Pemberton is already shifting gears and getting ready for its biggest party of the year, the Pemberton Music Festival. Recent years have seen Pemby feature the likes of The Flaming Lips, Kurt Vile, and Ludacris, and with today’s announcement of the 2016 lineup it’s clear...

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Turn & Burn 2016 Part Two: Video

The backcountry surrounding Whistler and Pemberton is a unique environment, with coastal temperatures allowing very diverse flora and fauna to thrive at elevations reaching nearly 3000 metres.  Even in the winter months, predators like wolverines and eagles are seen travelling through glaciated terrain and ungulates like the mountain goats of the Hurley Pass can be found climbing to incredible places.  When snowfalls reach approximately 1.5 metres below treeline, a niche subgenus of rippers known as pillow-bashing-shred-dogs has often been observed logging hammers, listening to metal, and chucking suds, buckets, and high fives.  The Turn & Burn crew recently logged some fascinating footage of...

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Mont Saint-Sauveur La Coupe Slush

Our friends at Mount Saint-Sauveur are throwing the Slush Cup Banked Slalom on April 9th, and they’re pulling out all the stops to do it right.  Two courses will ensure lots of riding time for competitors, and ample opportunity to feel the berms and put up solid times.  Categories include guys and gals 11 and under, 12-15, 16+, and veteran 30+, and there are plenty of prizes ranging from cash to swag to season’s passes.  Check the Facebook page, or read it in your mother tongue below: Pour la première fois de son histoire, MSSI accueille un événement printanier de Banked...

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Oil Country Season 3 Episode 3: Video

Evan Levallee and Matt Bryson bring another edit from Oil Country.  This one sees the boys get to some very cool places and do some wicked boarding from their sleds.  And, at 2:40 you can learn all about Kootenay Candles! oil country se03 ep03 from Oil Country on...

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Thanks for the Warm Welcome; Russell Lee and CiTGO

There are three minutes left in the weekend.  The mix has brought us to Trillville and we’re floored from a massive weekend of collecting stories and, more importantly, shredding till our bodies hurt at the Mount Seymour Baked Salmon.  We’re feeling the love as all of you welcome us back. In the coming weeks, we’re going to be working extremely hard to share the snowboarding stories that excite us most.  We’re psyched to have you along for the ride, and please keep tagging us and messaging us on FaceBook.  We’re really stoked to see what you’re up to, and it’s a...

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