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White Waves – A Powdersurfing Documentary: Video

From cut up, binding-less snowboards to sophisticated shapes and designs, powdersurfing has come a long way since its infancy. Written, directed, filmed, edited, produced and funded by Jeremy Jensen, “White Waves” documents this evolution and the people who’ve helped refine it into what it is today.  This film was created by passion and a desire to share incredible experiences with others, much like powdersurfing itself. From Grassroots Powdersurfing: White Waves explores the history, contemporary, and future of true binding-free powdersurfing from an insider’s perspective. Watch as a new style of mountain riding has emerged from the hearts, hands and...

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X Games Real Snow 2017 Edits are LIVE

The Real Snow edits are live and, in true X Games fashion, the tricks are insane. This years six invited riders held nothing back for snowboarding’s most exclusive urban video contest. Watch Jesse Paul, Anto Chamberland, Toni Kerkelä, Justin Fronius, Dylan Thompson and Frank Bourgeois throw down and then vote for your top video here. Winners will be announced March 27th on Jesse Paul Anto Chamberland Toni Kerkelä Justin Fronius Dylan Thompson Frank...

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Bonfire Outerwear Backs Team Rider Beau Bishop’s Project Turn & Burn in its Third Season

  Portland, OR March 13th 2017 – Bonfire Outerwear team rider Beau Bishop has returned this season with a new batch of Turn & Burn episodes. Bonfire is very excited to have a hand in the production of this series which follows Beau Bishop, Trevan Salmon, Andrew Burns, Wiley Tesseo and friends they encounter throughout the season. Beau Bishop joined the Bonfire team last season, traveling with the team for Bonfire’s first Free Range project while also filming his own #PointOfBeau series and Turn & Burn Season Two. Beau is the kind of rider that never takes, “chill” for an answer...

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Laurie Blouin and Seppe Smits win FIS Snowboard World Championships Slopestyle 2017

The FIS Snowboard World Championships slopestyle just wrapped up in Sierra Nevada, Spain and although there wasn’t much snow, the riders still managed to throw down some solid runs. Laurie Blouin from Canada came first in women’s slopestyle stomping all of her tricks including a huge Cab double underflip which earned her 78.00 points. Zoi Sadowski Synnott of New Zealand placed second with 77.50 and just behind her, in third place, was Miyabi Onitsuka from Japan with 77.40 points. For the men’s slopestyle, Belgium’s Seppe Smits came first by nearly eight points, scoring a 91.40. In second place was Nicolas Huber of Switzerland...

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Mark McMorris wins Men’s Big Air Finals – X Games Norway 2017

Mark McMorris earned another X Games gold at the men’s Big Air finals. His top two jumps were a backside 1620 and a switch backside triple cork 1620 which earned him an 85 overall. Max Parrot, only one point behind his Canadian teammate, got silver. He landed a textbook Cab triple cork 1620 and fs triple 1440, but McMorris bumped him from the top spot on his last run. The bronze went to the crowd favourite, Torgeir Bergrem of Norway with a...

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