Author: Ruby Woodruff

Vince Grandmaison “Stairsmaster 2017” : Video

It’s official, Vince Grandmaison is the winner of the 5th Stairsmasters presented by O’Neill. All the finalists (Nick Elliot, Tristin Heiner, Artem Smolin, Gab Jacques) had banger edits but Vince’s part had the style, originality and stairs that the judges were looking for.  Keep an eye out for big things from Vince– dude’s on a tear, and we can’t wait to see where it takes him....

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BuckHunters “SUPERBOWL VOL. 3”: Video

Miss the Super Bowl? Don’t worry, the BuckHunters have all the highlights you need to see, and they don’t include Tom Brady, Lady Gaga or football. “SUPERBOWL VOL.3” is a compilation of bonfires and boarding set somewhere in the Kelowna bush.  Broox Coble, Jesse Sorenson and friends built the park themselves and it has become the go-to spot for hanging out and getting buck.   From BuckHunters: BUCKZONE THANKS EVERYONE THAT FILMED : LIAM, CDK STEEZ, KYLAN, BROOX, GORDY, BOARDERS – LIAM, PAT, MATT ADRIAN, COREY, SLUGLYFEKINGSLAY, KYLAN, BROOX, KG EDIT BY LUVBUX FILMED WITH IPHONE GOPRO AND CANON...

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Alternate Timeline “Dead Ground”: Video

The Alternate Timeline crew (Mark Goodall, Dave Zaugg, Dawson McLachlan and Liam Robinson) has been busy since their last video, Simulation. This time there’s more snow, but the boarding and filmmaking is as raw and weird as ever. “Dead Ground” documents these guys running wild in the streets of Ontario, hitting roofs, fences, garbage bins, porch railings and anything else they can find....

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Korua Shapes “Yearning for Turning Vol.5 – Hokkaido Hustle”: Video

In Volume 5 of “Yearning for Turning” the Korua Shapes crew takes it to Hokkaido, Japan, to escape  the tradeshows and get some pow. Don’t let the black and white, 80’s darkwave, or Korua’s surfy shapes fool you, this edit is fresher than the tracks they’re making. From Korua Shapes: After having spent too much time at trade shows we started growing restless and felt the urge for exploration take over. With no specific plan or agenda we embarked on a trip to Japan, leaving behind all expectations and letting local friends as well as our own curiosities guide our way to the...

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