4 surfer, snowboarder friends traveling over 5000 kms in a veggie oil powered school bus across British Columbia to create positive change.


The Northern BC Project Film will raise the profile and awareness of harmful industrial projects and the impacts, which accompany them. Through spring and summer, Beyond Boarding members will film and document a carbon neutral vegetable oil-powered bus trip 5,211km across the province.

Along the way the risks these projects present to BC’s waters, wilderness, First Nations cultures, agricultural land, and tourism industries will reveal themselves. These large-scale industrial (Northern Gateway, Site C, Fracking, and LNG plants) projects are symptoms of a much larger disease. Contemporary culture views the natural world as a product, feeding current lifestyle trends and needs. We are dismantling the very ecosystems that sustain us, one industrial project at a time. Snowboarders and surfers are the greatest ambassadors for the power and importance of the natural world.

The Northern BC Project aims to educate and empower the outdoor community to take a stand, speak out, and create positive change on behalf of the diversity of our beautiful province and its people against these large industrial projects, and all in a carbon neutral, no impact, and community based approach.