BLP: Ritz-Carlton

Taco and the rest of the BLP crew were Puttin’ on the Ritz this summer in Whistler. Living in luxury in Lot 4 and spending their free time cruising around the Blackcomb Glacier. Everyone is killing it in the “Ritz-Carlton” edit but 2:48 is the money shot.

From BLP:

The residents of Lot 4 came together to bring you this compile of summer glacier footage.. no sound due to some technical difficulties with the mic… got our shit figured out now, mt.hood summer edit coming soon!

Borders in Order:
Quin Ellul, Aiden Hryciw, Bodeezy, Brin Alexander, Don Wheeler, Bryan Bowler, Manu Calvo, Jake Whitburn, Taco.

Do What You Need To – Joey Fatts ft Xavier Wulf




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