They’re doing this for the love. Since 2002, the Brothers Factory crew has been out grinding at a consistently jaw-dropping level. These dudes embody the balls out, no fucks given, no shit taken urban riding that gives Quebecers worldwide recognition as some of the gnarliest in the game. BroFac has launched careers, had its hand in major jib events, and through it all retained its home grown feel– the crew’s been something QC can connect to through it all. Still, with the industry in low tide things are rocky for the boys, and with this teaser they’re asking sponsors to jump on board. The ask at the beginning is the most relatable part of the video– it’s followed immediately by an onslaught of hammers, classic Brothers Factory search and destroy. Watch, share, support if you can. To Jeremy, Jacko, Jason, and Frank: thanks for the show boys, and for the dedication. Snowboarding wouldn’t be the same without you.




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