Check the Feed just hit us with their AKAMP edit in an e-mail that said simply “Best AKamp yet.” The footage puts up a pretty strong case for the claim… this one captures that rope tow hot lap vibe and highlights the huge number of features the AKamp boys managed to bring into the mix this year.  Riding the stale snow and hand-builds of this set-up took jedi board control and full commitment, both of which are healthy in this four minutes twenty of summer rad. Way to make it happen boys!

Riders: Joey Leon, Alexis Turcotte-Cloutier, Jacko, Alex Kyle, Vince Grandmaison, Alex Gogo, Nic Laframboise, Arthur Pelletier, Je Lanevin, Westley Lalande, Johnny Hancheck, Seb Picard, Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, David Brown.

Filmed by:
CHECKtheFeed: Johnny Hancheck, Joey Leon
Wizard: Nic Cavezeli

Edited: Johnny Hancheck

“Tears In The Rain” by The Hills
“Lockjaw” by French Montana
“FML” by Kanye West