Chinook Fever Ep.3 “Backcountry” from Fall4Films on Vimeo.

The Fall4Fims dudes are at it again dropping the newest episode of their Web Series Chinook Fever.
Lots of pow slashes and good times in this episode!

Featuring Chance Jensen, Thomas Gronberg, Charlie Dale, Justin Toney

Welcome our winter web-series Chinook Fever. We decided to compliment this season by showing a series of episodes that properly tells the story of our winters here in Southern Alberta.
We have many people to thank for the opportunities we’ve been given and the fact that we are able to do this. First and foremost we would like to thank our Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers and Girlfriends for putting up with all our crap. Thank you to all our sponsors for the support and interest in getting involved with a group of Hosers like us! Big thanks to Boarderline, Novo Watch, Populess, RomeSDS, Bataleon Snowboards, WesternFront Sales, Technine, Spy Optics, Switchback Bindings and KYD. We feel very lucky to have such killer support!
We realize that at anytime during our snowy fun fill days, it can all be gone in an instant with a Chinook. “Chinook Fever” is a reminder for us that whenever we get snow, it must be used!

Music By
“Young Blood (Renholdër Remix)” -The Naked And Famous
“My Eyes” – Nero
“Tennis Courts (Dubstep Remix)” – Lorde

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