Choose To Be A Community

Whistler Blackcomb’s latest marketing campaign features Anastasia Chomlack, mom to junior rippers Jadyn and Caleb and wife of our Photo Editor Chad Chomlack. It’s an amazing inside look at raising boys in a mountain town and the community that surrounds them. The video also focuses on Anastasia’s battle with cancer and how that struggle brought their family and community closer.

“It all belongs: the fear, the sadness, the weakness, the joy, the triumph, the strength. Embrace it, dwell in it all. Don’t chase a perfect life, chase a full one. It all belongs.”

From Whistler Blackcomb:
“As a mother raising snowboard prodigy sons in a mountain town, Anastasia Chomlack faces a unique set of challenges and fears for her boys Jadyn and Caleb. But when Anastasia faced cancer, she encountered an entirely new type of fear. This is the story of a family that discovered the strength of a close-knit community.”

Presented by: Whistler Blackcomb and TELUS
Directed & Produced by: Jeff Thomas & Origin Outside