Danny Davis: All In A Dream

On track for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Danny Davis’ career took a major detour after a hard crash in a qualifying event. Forced to take some time off the snow, Danny refocused his priorities into a new project All In A Dream. Here’s Danny describing the movie.

“I have been working on a film for the last few months. I took a good slam in the last Olympic qualifiers here in the USA before the olympics. After that crash, I had to spend a bunch of down time healing, and making sure I took care of the damage that had been done. This film “All In A Dream” is that story of my mental battles, and also a journey through my mind after getting an injury. There is a bunch of my friends and other riders in it, a little bit of acting, and a bunch of different types of riding.”

Check out the teaser. Available for download on iTunes November 27.

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