DWD is trying something completely new for 2015 with the Wizard Stick. At first glance you might think the Wizard Stick is strictly a pow board, but you’d be dead wrong.dinosaurs will die wizard stick dwd snowboard review 2015 2014 new snowboard canada transworld good wood snowboarder onboard whitelines magazine grade eh snowboarding snow board reviews

It is actually a park board with an extra set of inserts allowing it to be transformed into a pow board for those really deep days when the park crew is too lazy to clear off the features. You shouldn’t be in there anyways. This Wizard Stick has DWD’s new Hybrid Camber 2, which is camber in the middle and reverse from the inserts out. If you like attracting attention on the mountain, this board is for you!

Quotes From Our Testers

“Everything is more fun on this board because it looks so ridiculous. If you end up at the bottom of the hill with a frown on your face with the wizard stick strapped to your feet, then it’s time to hang ‘em up pal!”

“Super fun board that despite its shape, had the guts to ride anywhere. Poppy and hard charging!”

Tech Specs

Profile: Hybrid

Sizes: 154

Test Size: 154

MSRP: $$

Link: Dinosaurswilldie.com


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For more, watch the video below.

Snowboard Canada’s 2015 Grade EH Board Tests were graciously hosted by:

Sun Peaks Resort