The straight and simple style of Emanuel “E-Man” Anderson speaks volumes about how he carries himself and what he chooses to lug around. He gets by with what’s necessary and necessity. His stee: leave the flare and theatrics to those with baggage; keep it low-pro and the followers will always want more.

E-Man Anderson


Leica camera: Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon: You can either stretch for a half-hour in the morning, or you could just have
one of these.

Papers: These are doctor-recommended.

Granola bars: Nobody likes spending $12 on a poutine.

Sunglasses & goggles: Can you say “inflamed pterygium eye”? Google it. Wear quality eye protection,
kids. The sun is evil.

Buddha Balm: A topical balm for all of life’s aches
and pains… and it’s got weed in it.

JSLV Lighter Pouch: A convenient
lighter/rollie/joint holder. A must for the efficient stoners.

Knife: Personal protection against skiers.

iPhone: Gotta let all the ladies know where to meet up for après.

Water: It’s the key to life.

Whistler Blackcomb season pass: This shit ain’t cheap, but it’s necessary for Whistler survival.