If you want to know the man, see the country. Eiki Helgason’s Island Born project gives a glimpse into the landscapes that shaped the snowboard phenom’s upbringing, with some telling voiceover from Pops and a slew of inventive DIY spots that’ll get you reaching for the shovel.  This part is sick.  Keep an eye out for the Island Born doc next week, and check out the corresponding zine here.

From ísland born:

ísland born is the latest project from Icelandic snowboarder: Eiki Helgason
The project is split into three sections: Zine, Full part, and Documentary.
In align with trying to keep each season different and fresh, Eiki decided to film his entire part
in his home country of Iceland. Traveling throughout the country, finding spots
that have never been ridden before.

The Documentary will be released on 12/12

Presented by
Monster Energy


Joseph Minadeo and Michael Tolan
w/ Corey Farrow
“Strange Eden”
Salt Flats

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