Flow teed up a hole-in-one with the Blackout hitting the middle ground between camber and reverse camber perfectly.flow blackout snowboard review 2015 2014 new snowboard canada transworld good wood snowboarder onboard whitelines magazine grade eh snowboarding snow board reviews

To clarify, the Blackout is a regular cambered board, but the slightly directional low-profile nose and tale keep the board afloat on even the deepest of days. Flow’s 4-piece ABT base will also help you stomp those landings and keep your legs fresh in the chowder with impact dampening underneath your feet. If you can’t decide between reverse and regular camber, give the Blackout the old college try.

Quotes From Our Testers

“This is one ring to rule them all. I would walk across Middle Earth for one of these things.”

“Harks back to the pre-rocker era when camber ruled the mountain. The mellow nose and tail shape reminded me of how fun it is to initiate and come out of turns with a camber board.”

“For a guy who only rides reverse camber, this board is as forgiving as a reverse camber board, but has the firmness of a camber board.”

Tech Specs

Profile: Camber

Sizes: 153, 156, 159, 162

Test Size: 156

MSRP: $$

Link: Flow.com


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Snowboard Canada’s 2015 Grade EH Board Tests were graciously hosted by:

Sun Peaks Resort