The good, the bad, and the ugly– Hash Heaven’s Inside Out leaves no stone unturned.  The Russian crew behind Joint Snowboards and Horsefeathers Clothing just dropped an hour long exposé that goes deep into their lifestyles, and we think you’ll find their program quite relatable.  Aside from being an interesting movie that documents the dedication of a talented group of riders (including girls who absolutely rip), this one shows that us boarders are a nation of our own.  Across the globe, those of us who stand sideways aren’t that different.  Make sure you turn on the subtitbles, and enjoy!

From Hash Heaven:

“This is not just another crustal film it is the story of how we have lived one year. We have already shown this film in more than 25 cities. Some people loved it, some inspired, some began to respect us and what we do, some did not believe that all this is what we do -so many people, so many opinions. And this is good! Share your experiences with us, with your friends! We need to know what you think! This film does not have a script, it’s our real lives and we hope that you will experience, understand and see our lives, our souls … Inside Out! ”


Abramov Slava, Avdeev Dima, Batmanov Alex, Chebanov Egor, Demina Anna, Kimina Christina, Kordonets Sergey, Korniltsev Arseny, Morgun Ivan, Natasha Danilova, Nikolay Grinev, Polina Naumova, Salomatov Ilya, Smurov Igor, Suhomesov Vitaly, Verkhoturov Ilya




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