Take a 10 minute vacation with the Horizon Lines crew, and get lost in the dream of exploring arctic waves and lines with only the wind to guide you. A solid dose of wanderlust from some of snowboarding’s premier adventurers.

From Horizon Lines:

“How is it that this place does not see more snowboarding? The setup is perfect for foot-powered, high-angle riding—hundreds of mountains laced with steep, clean, chutes. Once you’re here, access is as simple as picking a line, parking or anchoring below it, and walking straight up the 300- to 1,500-foot faces. With thick sea-level air on your side, you can tag multiple lines in a day. Is the elevation too low for trophy-hunting peak-baggers?” – Jeremy Jones

Iceland x Chile x Japan
a film by: Nick Kalisz & Field Day Studio
photographer: Andrew Miller
original score: Sean Cameron & Dave McLeod of Subtropic Sound

Forrest Shearer, Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Bryan Iguchi, Orange Man, Kohl Christensen, Alex Lopez, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Griffin Siebert, Chris Christenson, Alex Yoder, Ramon Navarro, and friends.

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