Full Moon is a creative documentary about connecting the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding with some of the best pro snowboarders in the world. This crew will be traveling in search of powder, right in their backyard of Beautiful BC, Canada. These women will be exploring from the mountains to the ocean and everything in between, showcasing personality and progressive riding. Featuring: Leanne Pelosi, Marie France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson, Tara Dakides and Barrett Christy.


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Leanne Pelosi on Full Moon and their INTERSECTION submission…


What’s up with your INTERSECTION submission? I heard a rumour about nude suits being involved? Truth to that?

(Laughs) Yeah, for Intersection we did something extremely creative. We were inspired by the naked skiing in the ski movie VALHALLA so we decided to do a shot mockumentary.




Amazing. So this is something as an aside from Full Moon for Intersection.

We’re excited because we’ve never done this, and it was awesome that they allowed footage from January 1st on. I was like, hell yeah, when this Intersection opportunity came up. Some of the girls are like”are you crazy?” no lets make this really fun. So we took a few days and filmed on Whistler with some funny skit stuff. It’s going to be really funny … or really weird (laughs) one of the two. We’ll be using a montage from some of our trips this winter as well. Shots from Italy, Mica Heli, Golden Alpine Holidays and Bella Coola.


When is Full Moon going to be released?

Fall 2016. So we’ll have an extra season to work on it. We needed it. You can’t do a historical piece rushed. We need to showcase the best possible current footage as well and with this season we’re having this year it’s not like we’re one-upping any of our previous footage. We want to give it a full chance. There’ll be a mix of a documentary / good times riding in the film. This crew is the best of the best. We want to inspire more females to get out there and do it. We wouldn’t be doing this without our pioneers so it’ll be cool to pay them some respect in the movie. There’s nothing like this that’s been done in Women’s snowboarding and if there’s anything I can give back to snowboarding this is the project I’m putting everything into. It’s a passion project, we don’t have a crazy budget we’re just kinda making it happen and the industry is supporting us. We couldn’t be able to do it without the crew that we have.


Amazing. So what other project are you most excited to see?

I’m really excited to see DCP’s project, Balance. The list of riders and surfers and everything, I’m like, oh my God. It’s going to be really exciting to be a part of something local but we have zero expectations.


Is this going to be released online elsewhere?

You’ll have to be a Intersection to see it. It won’t be shown anywhere else, so make sure you’re there.