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Accomplished in extensive commercial work throughout the Whistler Valley this passion project is the first full length film from Whistler Creek Productions. Balance is set to launch in the Fall of 2015. Pre-planning for this film has been going on for 2 years, focused around snowboarding legend, DCP (David Carrier-Porcheron), Balance investigates the happiness snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding brings into peoples lives and the common thread that draws uncontrollable connection to these activities. From Indonesia to Shanghai, from Whistler to Norway, the global hotspots of boarding culture are explored. Featuring DCP, Terje Haakonsen, Manuel Diaz, Clint Allan, Taj Burrow, Rizal Tanjung, David Gonzalez, and many others.


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Here’s what Paul Watt of Whistler Creek Productions had to say about their project and the inclusion into Intersection.  


This sounds like a really ambitious project, do you want to explain it briefly in your words?

DCP is driven like a madman to continually be doing one of those three things (snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing) if he’s not he tends to go a bit loopy, that was the instigation. Tragically after a friend and family member passes away a couple years ago in a avalanche he had to think, is this worth it for me? I have a family. A life. Why do I keep having to do this? This was the initial question. That was revised into, what make me happy? Why do these activates make me so happy? We broke it down into a couple of specific things that drive us to live this lifestyle. First, doing things and cooperating with people you like. Weather you’re in the backcountry, on a surf trip, skating with your friends, you’re working on things with your friends. You’re stoked for them, your stoked for each other. In some cases, like in the backcountry, your safety completely depends on each other. It’s closeness and community and It’s something that people need to be fulfilled in their lives – It creates a bond and friendship that is hard to get in everyday life.


You’re right, and this is the common thread you’ve found in all of these sports?

Everyone we interviewed talks about having fun with their friends and thats what they’re most stoked about. The relationship we develop through this are the best and closets relationships we have in our lives. They’re the ones that they valued the most.

The other elements are being in an inspiring environment. Surfers and snowboarders immersed in nature that’ll continually blow your mind. And how could it not, it’s beautiful. It takes us to a happy place just being there. The other is adventure or new experiences. A new trick, a new place, experiencing newness, a peak, a valley, a new break and missioning out there. Also, harkens to our evolution of development paths, we’ve had to expand and travel to survive, its hard to do that where we are, but though this lens we can still explore.

One more is getting to this place in your mind when you’re doing these sports, the flow state. Talking to Terje, his goal is to get back there as often and as quickly as he can, through his whole life. Whatever he’s doing. That zone where he’s feeling good, happy, his body is working, all together in this perfect state. All the people interviewed said thats where all of their problems and concerns disappears and you can just focus exactly on what they’re doing. Those are the foundations of the full-film.



How’s this being translated into the INTERSECTION submission?

Obviously it’ll be paired down, I’ve left it in the editors hands to do what he wanted with this so it’ll be interning to see what he can do with all of these guidelines. We have Japan, Switzerland, two Kootenay trips and some surfing, that’s pretty limited, we can use from this year for the edit. There will be a LOT more in the main film.


What can people expect, a documentary, action film, or something that walks that line?

It’ll be a lot of action porn for sure, we’re going to try voices over the action so more of an investigation than documentary.


What other projects are you looking forward to seeing at INTERSECTION?

I’m not sure who’s all going to be presenting. But definitely The Wildcats.


Now in its fifth year, Intersection will once again see action sport filmmaking pushed to its limits. But this year, in celebration of the 20th Annual World Ski & Snowboard Festival, film crews will be able to bring their skiing and snowboarding footage from around the globe to Whistler’s big screens on Friday, April 17. With an extended timeframe and no limits to location, the chosen crews will put together a 5-7 minute film, unique to this competition, that incorporates artistic vision and a whole lot of shredding.