Get lost in Nico’s mind– this 11-minute feature sees the Swiss wünderkind go deep into his stream of consciousness snowboarding in a back-and-forth between riding and interview footage. Nicolas explains “no place like home” as only he could.  His riding is hypnotic, his new set-up looks like the funnest thing in the world, and his philosophy on boarding has never seemed a stronger conduit for our favourite Beatle.

From Laax:

In the second installment of the #laaxisniceyo video series, local hero Nicolas Müller shares his thoughts on snowboarding in Laax, his longtime ties to the resort and what he enjoys most about living and riding up here. The diversity of the slopes offer a great playground for any kind of snowboarder, from little groms to the greats like Nicolas. Join him as he cruises through his home resort and find out just how fun even the simplest parts of snowboarding can be. Enjoy!

Rider: Nicolas Müller

Cinematography: Lukas Blume Rösli, Jonas Steinbacher & Manuel Sieber

Edit: Lukas Blume Rösli

Colors: Manuel Sieber & Blume

Music: Track One – You Don’t Know by Me + Marie

Track Two – Beam by Tawara /

To be continued in chapter three