Jesse Burtner is a rad snowboarder, so it makes sense that he would design a board. The Burtner Box Scratcher is just that, the ultimate jib focused freestyle board!lib tech burtner box scratcher snowboard review 2015 2014 new snowboard canada transworld good wood snowboarder onboard whitelines magazine grade eh snowboarding snow board reviews

This board is packed with Lib Tech’s technology like BTX, MTX, Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax, Co-Ex, and UMHW. Are you confused yet? Good! All you need to know is that this board is ready to attack any feature you put in front of it. Quite frankly, I’m surprised it doesn’t have an autopilot mode. The best thing is, if you get bored of the park the Box Scratcher slays the powder too!

Quotes From Our Testers

“Wow! Again this board leaves me in awe of its beauty and performance. It is one of the few reverse camber boards that can pop as high as a camber board. This board is so fun it makes Disneyland look like a prison camp.”

“Although quite soft in the nose and tail, this board was still critically stable. Good edge hold and a buttery smooth flex keep the good times rolling on Sun Peaks’ marathon park laps.”

Tech Specs

Profile: Hybrid

Sizes: 143, 147, 151, 154, 157

Test Size: 154

MSRP: $$



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Snowboard Canada’s 2015 Grade EH Board Tests were graciously hosted by:

Sun Peaks Resort