The Lib Tech T. Rice Gold Member made it onto the Grade Eh Top 10 list, but it should also win an award for being the most tested board during the week at Sun Peaks Resort.lib tech travis rice gold member snowboard review 2015 2014 new snowboard canada transworld good wood snowboarder onboard whitelines magazine grade eh snowboarding snow board reviews

It could also win an award for longest snowboard name ever and I didn’t even write the whole thing down! It is also the board of choice for Rice’s #passitonproject. This board features Rice’s new FIREPOWER construction making this his lightest and strongest board yet. Get fired up watching The Art of Flight, grab the Gold Member and make your dreams come true.

Quotes From Our Testers

“Super responsive; it felt like if I even thought about turning, the board would do it.”

“It’s undeniable that nose and tail grabs are so fun on this thing. Although it delivers a rock solid high-end ride, it’s still relatively easy to throw around… Some may think this is a novelty board due to the shape, but it’s a great all around board you could ride in most terrain.”

“This board is the hit run master! So solid and easy to maneuver on a dime; it’s the stealth bomber.”

“Swiping right the minute I saw her. So gorgeous and so much fun, I have some feelings up after hanging out with her.”

Tech Specs

Profile: Hybrid

Sizes: 158, 161.5

Test Size: 158

MSRP: $$$



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For more, watch the video below.

Snowboard Canada’s 2015 Grade EH Board Tests were graciously hosted by:

Sun Peaks Resort