“Views from the RIG” features Seymour’s finest dropping cliffs, hanging in the pit and hot lapping Mystery Express.

Filmed and edited by Matt Heneghan, this 2016 recap is pure gold.  Must be those Lucky Arms.

From Matt Heneghan:

Seymour 16 (and a bit of fifteen) with young mystery cash manning.

Al Stathis, Adam Mills, Nigel Joycey, Jake Fine, Russ Lee, Danny Koriath, Jake Kuzyk, Jeff Keenan, Colin Oh, Cody Wilson, Brocklebank, Dave Cashen, Ray Bishop, Nic Heringa, Freddy Perry, Sean Dieno, Ivan, Lucio DM, TJ Kosekela and more….

Shout out to Mt Seymour




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