Max Henault has been coaching snowboarding since 2006. He’s helped turn some of Canada’s finest into household names, Seb Toutant, Mark McMorris, Antoine Truchon and Max Parrot. He was the first to introduce Super Trampoline training into the program and has helped his riders push slopestyle in to a progressive place we never thought was possible.

Frustrated by lift-lines and the slow upload capacity of most resorts he took matters into his own hands and purchased, Mont Caster, a ski resort that was abandoned in ‘95 just north of Montreal. Now Mont Maximise hosts just essentials, a fast rope tow, 2 solid sized jumps, 8 rails and a wall ride. Tack on trampolines, ping-pong tables, a pool, and a brand new 3 bedroom apartment – you’ll have no reason to leave this paridise island.

Mathias Cloutier, Mick Lalonde, Jacob Legault, and ATV are just a few of come ups he’s working with. Here’s what the future of snowboarding is looking like.

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Mathias Cloutier, 10 years old from Montreal Canada. Mathias is the kind of kid that is serious about anything he does. He built a box in his backyard and after school he goes and shapes the jump so the box is always clean. Mathias trains 4 days a week at Maximise. – Max Henault



Mick Lalonde, 12 years old from Saint-Sauveur Canada. Started snowboarding at Mt-Avila, Mick is a competitive BMX racer. One of the best at his age, Mick has the power to make it happen, throwing triples on the supertramp, this kid is a beast. – Max Henault



Jacob Legault, 11 years old from St-Bruno Canada. Multi sports, Jacob plays Baseball, Basketball and train with us on the supertramp in the summer, he is very talented in anything he does. Looking at his edit here, Jacob maybe the youngest snowboarder to ever land a double on snow. He will turn 12 in October 2015. – Max Henault



Watch the coach in his habitat here…