Shredders, how are ya? We’re doing alright, staying busy through the summer blues. We’ve been running full-steam prepping off-season projects, sending infiltration teams through the mainstream and forwarding snowboarding’s secret agenda on more than half of the world’s continents. We’ve got a bit of fun to drop later this week, as well as a check in with one of your very own Paralympians, a Sochi vet and a weekend park shark named John Leslie. Most of our street team is undercover for the summer, but we did have a killer edit hit the radar earlier this week. The homie Mat Wilkinson chopped some clips of Bryce, Mike, Ryan, Broox, Kody, Joe, Kyle, Tommy, and a few other cats, and slipped it up on his Vimeo all marked up ‘explicit content.’ Check it out while we polish off those new exclusives for you– 1:45 is hot as f*ck!