Rat Cheese is a quality skate, surf, and snow wax that is 100% made in California. Looking like a classic cheese wedge full of holes, yet elegantly packaged and smelling like paradise, Rat Cheese is and immediate eye catcher. SBC is stoked to have them onboard as the official wax provider of all our editors.

“Its a fairly new company that I began back in 2014 but I had been working on since 2012. I began making the cheese wedge molds at this art school I used to go to here in Oakland/ San Fransisco. I was a sculpture major who had quite an interest in mold making. I started to fill the molds with paraffin wax and using them to skate with and kept leaving them around at skate spots and with friends. They were fun to make and I got a kick out of the utility my little sculpture served. At the time I was frustrated with art school and dropped out, but knew I had to continue to do something to keep myself busy and try to make money.

I decided to call it Rat Cheese since I figured it would lure all the skate rats being cheese and all, but added the “Gourmet” because I consider Rat Cheese Gourmet Wax to be brand that strives for design excellence and performance as opposed to being marketed as more “gnarly” or for “comical bro novelty”. I wanted to create something that was well made and useful, not gimmicky and cheap.

I started doing snow and surf wax shortly after because there are both sports I am involved in and felt that I could handle all three disciplines being such a small specialty brand.

We now live in a time where the industry is opening up to smaller brands due to the convenience of social media and e-commerce. These small brands that can create a more unique, custom, and personal experience for the customer that these larger corporate brands cannot achieve.”

-Valentino Foster, Rat Cheese Gourmet Wax LLC



Our blue cheese is for snowboards and skis. This performance blend is all around great for whatever type of riding your doing. All temp rub on or hot application. Proudly hand poured in California!