It seems fitting that Vancouver would be the one Canadian city that Red Bull chose to display the best of their global Illume photo contest, while touring the world after its highly successful global event took place in Hong Kong in September, 2013.

British Columbia-based photographers Jussie Grznar (whose photo of Anto Chamberland is just here to the right), Ray Demski, Paul Bride and Sterling Lorence submitted five of the Top 50 photographs in competition and Vancouver’s Scott Serfas won first place in the Illumination category.

All will be on display at the Red Bull Illume exhibit from Friday, January 31st to Feb 8th Vancouver’s Burrard Landing will host a showcase of action/adventure sports photography featuring the top 50 winning images of the 2013 contest, which will be on display each night of the week in illuminated light boxes.

“This turned out to be the last photo I took during what was the best snowboarding trip of my life, during the making of the Art of FLIGHT snowboarding film” Scott Serfas recounts of his first place in the ‘Illumination’ category for his photo of professional snowboarder Travis Rice. “I really wanted to shoot a photo from a helicopter. The sun was setting so fast, and as Travis dropped into the line and made his second turn down the mountain, I snapped this shot.”


Travis Rice, shot by Scott Serfas/Red Bull Illume


Canadian Talent:

Scott Serfas: A legend in the action sports world, Scott Serfas is perhaps one of the most recognized snowboard photographers in the world. His images have graced the pages of leading snowboard publications around the world with more cover-shots than any other photographer in the category. As one of the few people snowboarding in Vancouver during the late 80’s, Scott began bringing a camera along to document friends as they developed the new sport. Naturally, his photography progressed along side. As a full time photographer, his career has taken him around the globe shooting all forms of action-sport.

Jussi Grznar: Growing up on a pair of skis in his native Slovakia, Jussi quickly learned that he would dedicate his life to the world of action sports. Moving to Whistler, BC, Jussi was exposed to a dramatic new environment and began shooting relentlessly which landed him a 12-page photo story in Boardlife Magazine. Today, Jussi is a senior photographer with Snowboard Canada Magazine. Jussi’s work placed Top 5 in the New Creativity and Lifestyle by Leica categories.

Sterling Lorence: A lifelong Vancouverite, Sterling’s photography career was inspired by mountain biking through the moody forests of the North Shore. Now one of the most widely recognized mountain biking photographers in North America, Sterling has documented the evolution of freeride mountain biking and its athletes through his lens for over a decade.


About Red Bull Illume:

Red Bull Illume is the world’s premier international photography competition dedicated to action and adventure sports. Its purpose is to showcase the most exciting and creative action sports photography on the planet as art to the wider public. The 2013 Red Bull Illume Image Quest is the third edition of the competition after 2007 and 2010. Nearly 30,000 shots were submitted by over 6,000 photographers around the world. From this, 50 photos were chosen by 50 international photo editors who selected 10 category winners and one overall winner.


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The winners of Red Bull Illume are also featured across 17 pages of this month’s Red Bulletin magazine in all 12 country editions and tablet versions.

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The Top 50 Red Bull Illume Winners:

Overall Winner: Lorenz Holder (GER), Playground

Athletes’ Choice: Morgan Maassen (USA), Lifestyle by Leica


Category winners are in bold below.


(AUS) Stuart Gibson

(IRE) George Karbus       

(NED) Jeroen Nieuwhuis

(SUI) Claudio Casanova  

(USA) Morgan Maassen   



(ARG) Juan Cruz Rabaglia           

(CAN) Jussi Grznar

(CZE) Daniel Vojtěch

(EST) Jaanus Ree

(GER) Lorenz Holder



(CAN) Sterling Lorence

(FIN) Rami Hanafi          

(SUI) Romina Amato

(SUI) David Carlier         

(USA) Christian Pondella



(CAN) Jussi Grznar

(ESP) Ismael Ibañez Ruiz

(USA) Morgan Maassen

(USA) Theodore Van Orman

(USA) Jimmy Wilson



(CAN) Scott Serfas

(CAN) Jody MacDonald

(SUI) Nicolas Jutzi

(USA) Clark Fyans         

(USA) Ryan Taylor        




(AUS) Stuart Gibson       

(IRE) George Karbus

(POL) Rafal Meszka

(USA) Dave Lehl

(USA) Chris Burkard




(AUS) Martin Lugger

(CAN) Paul Bride           

(GER) Lorenz Holder

(ITA) Olaf Pignataro       

(USA) Scott Dickerson    



(AUT) Rainer Eder

(CAN) Ray Demski        

(GER) Florian Breitenberger

(GER) Lorenz Holder

(SWE) Elias Kunosson



(CAN) Scott Serfas

(FRA) Vince Perraud       

(GBR) Dan Carr

(USA) Blotto Gray

(USA) Zakary Noyle



(AUS) Krystle Wright

(GRE) Dimitrios Kontizas

(SLO) Samo Vidic

(USA) Lucas Gilman

(USA) Benjamin Ginsberg


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