Photos: Edwin Poulston

Grouse Mountain has a long history of making spring the season for rad in Vancouver– any Van City shredder who remembers 25 inch stances could tell you about the mega shoots of the Alterna movies or the jump deck quarters in the old side-cut park. Grouse was always the spot for the season’s last expression of industriously enhanced snowboarding, one last bold and brazened hurrah for the winter before the slip into sandals and the bike down to Wreck. So although the Red Bull Slope Soakers on April 2nd was a Canadian debut, it didn’t seem out of place.

The course took the classic pondskim to new heights, with features like the wallride bank and a shipping container to pool gap that had us wondering about the viral possibilities of a micro-home snowboard park.  It was so wild we almost revived SBC Wakeboard to cover it.  The riders certainly seemed comfortable, putting on a show that snuck heavy style past the gaper costume theme, and the homies at the Beer Garden dug it just fine as they recreated on the sunny day. Sterling Storey did the best trick, a front 1 switch tail switch back 1 out, but say that ten times fast and you still won’t be the winner of the first Canadian Slope Soakers– unless you’re Trint Thomas, of course. He nailed it on Saturday, consistent and technical like Bernie Sanders goin’ after Big Money. Congrats boys, and kudos to everyone who braved the ponds.  Special shout out to Shaw Butterworth, Alex De Kort, Robert Morrison, Matt Rippon, Mikee Tiberius French and the rest of the Grouse Park crew; the homies put in the work to make the hot and slushy snow a wicked course.




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