Where to begin with the X-Wedge? The board uses Sims’ E-Board technology raising the inserts 2.5 degrees off of the topsheet to properly align the rider’s hips, knees, and ankles.Sims x-wedge snowboard review 2015 2014 new snowboard canada transworld good wood snowboarder onboard whitelines magazine grade eh snowboarding snow board reviews

The X-Wedge was the first and is probably still the world’s only ergonomic snowboard. The ergonomic wedges reduce rider fatigue and injury, but still provide a high-performance park board ready to tackle any feature. The X-Wedge has Sims’ EZ Rocker Camber, which is flat camber throughout with twin micro cambers underneath the wedges. The X-Wedge is for the rider looking to try something different from the norm.

Quotes From Our Testers

“A great all around freestyle board that’s not confined to the park. The X-Wedge has what it takes to excel in any freestyle situation. The Flex pattern was a great balance that was equally at home in both the jump and jib lines. The throwback graphic was a good look that got me hyped as well.”

“The Sims X-Wedge is truly a board from the future. With it’s 3D topsheet and raised inserts this board is definitely in a class of it’s own. It rides very stable and has good pop for the park.”

Tech Specs

Camber: EZ Rocker

Sizes: 150, 155, 160

Test Size: 155

MSRP: $$$

Link: Simssnow.com


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Snowboard Canada’s 2015 Grade EH Board Tests were graciously hosted by:

Sun Peaks Resort