The Photo Issue is live! Chris Rasman and photographer Jussi Grznar nabbed the cover, setting the tone for an issue full of bangers with a massive front five in Pemberton, BC. With the help of the ManBoys, we ambushed Chris over eggs benny to share the surprise. Watch the video below to hear what Chris had to say about the session, his new partnership with Ripcurl, and getting ready to shred AK with Travis Rice.

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From Jussi Grznar:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of omens. When Chris Rasman, John Jackson, Rusty Ockenden and the crew found themselves before the skeletal remains of an animal on a logging road it seemed like quiet symbolism. The interpretation of stumbled upon carcasses has for centuries been regarded as a sign of change and progression. What followed was one of the most memorable days of the season. Pemberton was dusted with fresh snow and the early spring sun had finally braved from behind the clouds. We headed up to this natural feature found by Jake Blauvelt some years before. On one particular hit, Rasman really sent it. That’s when I shot this photograph. After that the boys successfully sessioned another two features and topped an amazing day by a few noboard runs. It doesn’t get any better than this.”