by David MacKinnon

Happy New Year’s shredders. Here’s to you. Canadian snowboarders had a crazy 2018, not just because of spots, slams and tricks. Our country tangled with challenging issues this year, and chances are some of the people reading this are feeling the effects. It might have been harder for your family to buy you a pass, or put a new board under the tree. But trust that there’s opportunity for creative people, and there’s a green industry coming. Take inspiration from the people we featured in these Best of Posts, not just the boarders but the crews. Watch the movies we drew from– you’ll see that Canadians have the work ethic we need to change this country for everybody. I hope the holidays gave you a chance to ride, and I hope you connected with your people. Be it with family, friends, or whoever made it up the hill, you’ve gotta connect. And you’ve gotta board. You know what? Right after you read these, call your friends and go snowboard. It’s New Year’s Eve– go have fun.

Without further ado, your Best Tricks of 2018:

SRD – Landis’ Front Board

Video courtesy Matt Bryson

If you knew what a VCR was, I’d use a line about rewinding tapes. Landis King is clean through this quad kink– rail’s still shining from that polish. The front board is the method of the streets, and Landis King is serving Jamie.

Powderhounds – Dustin’s Switch Back Five

Video courtesy Heiko Knauer

This clip marks a season of incredible footage from Dustin Craven. With this switch back five Dustin put down one of the most progressive tricks of the year, pushing it in the pillows like the gross kid in Big Mouth. Putting a Canadian stamp on Kamikazu, this clip repped for Powderhounds at the highest level– congratulations on a killer season Dustin.

Dinosaurs Will Die – Andrew’s Back Five Japan

Video courtesy Brendon Hupp

This was the first day Geeves ever filmed with Brendon Hupp. The light was shitty, but they went out and explored a new zone. They built the jump quickly, and Andrew got this Back Five on the third try. Sounds simple enough, sure, but we’re still trying to understand how sick this clip is. Damn that Andrew Geeves is good!

The Uninvited – Maria’s Switch Front Board Pretzel to Front Board Pretzel

Video courtesy Troy Erickson

Maria’s got a new definition for women’s snowboarding: what happens when a woman can do whatever she wants on a snowboard. A huge congratulations to Jess Kimura, Maria Thompsen, and the entire Uninvited crew. Y’all killed it, and the Best Trick in your movie stands toe-to-toe anywhere.

Oil Country – Jordan’s Double Backflip

Video courtesy Evan Lavallee

Jordan Phillips drove out from Vancouver for this session, and waited patiently in -15° for light. The skies opened up just enough to give the Oil Country crew a brief chance to film. Jordan got the blood going with a stylish double backflip that sums up that window shopping anticipation.

BLP – Jake’s Back One Switch Back Three

Video courtesy Taco and Gregor Zed

You can hear the wind blowing as Jake Whitburn swings this one around. The BLP boarders have jobs, so they can’t be picky when the schedules line up. Jake basically warms up with this trick in the park, so despite the weather he took it to streets after punching out for the night. He got this clip around 2 am.

The ManBoys – Rusty’s Front 10

Video courtesy The ManBoys

The Frontside 1080 is the coolest trick in the world, and if you measure amplitute by the height of a rider’s toque Rusty Ockenden hits 10 meters in this clip. With technical difficulty, textbook style, and an amazing reaction, Rusty’s Selective Memory front 10 is lightning in a bottle.

The Bruners – Mas’ Cab 270 Butter

Video courtesy Julien Choiniere

Bruners filmer Julien Choiniere threw Mas Seguin under the bus when he told us about this clip– he said the hardest part about it was coming up with an NBD for red ledge. Seriously though, in a film chock full of hammers, the creativity, feel, and board control behind this shot make it a standout. The pullback to regs puts Mas on another level– dude’s got it, straight up.

YES. – Mark’s Backside 9

Video courtesy YES. Snowboards

You need air sense, power, and a tonne of skill to get a trick like this. Especially with scattered trees and pillows in the landing. Mark Tremblay muscled through this trick, and earned himself the ender in YES. It’s Been Ten Years– another highlight in a banger season.

Put it in the Bowl – Fonduh’s Judo Method

Video courtesty Put it in the Bowl

In a rare move for a Bowl boarder, Fonduh left Kamloops for this one. This moment from our Fall Issue’s Migrations feature sees the one-foot wizard put his spin on an iconic Quebec spot. A lot of old pros complain the kids don’t method, and Fonduh’s got an excuse– he don’t method ‘cuz he judo method.

Thank you to Oil Country, BLP, ManBoys, YES., The Bruners, The Uninvited, SRD, Put it in the Bowl, Powderhounds, and Dinosaurs will Die/Magic Hour Moves. 2019 is shaping up to be another banger– thanks for bringing it in with us. Now get out there and ride your snowboard!

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