The Stinky Socks fam spent a week at Trollhaugen for their third annual get-together. Like most family gatherings, people came from all over, did things you wouldn’t expect, and got caught on film. The recap has the same feel of a home movie, but with much better boarding. Enjoy the Stinky footage.

From Stinky Socks:

The third annual Stinky Socks Trollhaugen week went off at the beginning of February. We had people coming from Rhode Island, Toronto, SoCal, Washington, Oregon and Bulgaria joining the local guys. Troll is defiantly second home for the stinky fam.
Watch: Jeffy Gabrick, Mark Goodall, Jake Schaible, Mike Skiba, Boody, Marcus Rand, Walker Murphy, Kyle Kennedy, Sam Schiltgen, Logan Herber, Austin Young, Garrett McKenzie, Krister Ralles, Hannah Peterson and Dawson McLachlan
Film/Edit: Dimo Petkov
Additional Filming: Marcus Rand / Risto





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