Please review prior content from Snowboard Canada and before sending us your pitches or visual media. This will ensure it fits our editorial voice and general posting standards. Choose your words and photos wisely, as we have limited time to view your content, and even less space to print it.


Photo submission

  • Send to via dropbox, wetransfer, yousendit, or other similar platforms
  • Title: SNOWBOARD CANADA PHOTO – [Your Name] 
  • Only unpublished (online or in print) photos will be accepted. Please advise us if any of your submitted photos are being held by another publication — failure to do so will result in lack of compensation
  • Only submit a maximum of 25 photos. If we would like to see more, we will contact you with another request. Anything past the first 25 photos will not be considered as part of your submission
  • Resize your images to 1600 pixels long at 72dpi and export them as JPGs
  • Rename them as following [lastname_firstname_mmddyy-1]
  • All photos must include the following information in the metadata: Photographer name, Date taken, Location, Athlete names, If it is being held by another publication


Some final things to consider — 

1. Do not overwork your images.  If you’re unsure where to draw the line please contact — I’m here to help, so don’t hesitant to use me as a resource!

2. Do not convert RAW to TIFF or JPG, and then to DNG. Our photo editor and designers will need to see the history of your image when prepping it for print.

3. Do not sharpen your final submitted images. We will handle this to ensure maximum print quality.

4. Do not use lossless compression when converting DNGs.

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