With warm days almost a thing of the past, there’s no better way to
end the summer than with a little taste of old man winter and a
snowboarding contest to awake the kids from their slumbers. The north
of Montréal’s shredding HQ (also known as the town of St-Sauveur) was
the place to be on September first as Mont Saint-Sauveur hosted the
third annual Axis Junkyard Rail Jam. The event was the culmination of a
weeklong of festivities celebrating the end of MSS’s water park’s
season and the rail jam was the pièce de résistance.

Organizers upped the ante this year with a new course designed by
MSS’s dedicated park team in collaboration with Axis Boardshop. The
Axis boys brought in an army of shovelling monkeys in order to unload
the 80 snow covered wooden pallets.

Because in QC, the party is always more fun when we take our clothes
off (or a least when we slightly undress from usual snowboarding Winter
getup), spectators enjoyed watching the skills of some of the best
up-and-coming riders in QC all while wearing swimwear apparel and
chugging down coldies courtesy of the good people at the Silver Bullet
factory. With a bumping sound system pounding a mélange of classic hip
hop contest beats, old school punk riffs and summery bikini bouncing
tunes, all of the wicked ingredients where there for a great day of

With a temperature hovering over the 20º C mark and a warm, late
summer sun, the stage was set for fun and games under smear less blue
skies. Delivering the boots and high-fives on the mic was yours truly,
and in true Microphone Monkey fashion, the crowd was in for one heck of
a show. The contest—well, let’s not get too formal here: no one’s
ridden for four months for Pierre’s sake!—started off with a qualifying
session where about 60 lucky riders got a taste of the slush on two
separate obstacles. Young Charles Reid, last year’s defending champ,
was locking in all his tricks but hot in his tracks was Ghyslain
Montpetit with his extra buttery steez. Among some of the other 10
standouts who made their way to the finals were Max Honegger and Rory
McKelvey as well as spin wizard Gab Mercier, Ex-Lax smooth Guillaume
Beaudoin and sharpshooter Max Durand.

Even if the crowd was greatly appreciating this, the show could have
skyrocketed through the roof had über snowtamers Reno B, Matt Dano, Yan
Dofin, Charles Gagnon and others jumped into the ring to showcase a bit
of their wickedness. I guess enjoying a “fan in the stands” status once
in awhile can still be fun for everybody.

Among the slew of gnarly tricks thrown down was Charles Reid’s BS 3
to 50-50 on one of the pick-up truck’s handrails, Ghyslain Montpetit’s
BS 180 to Switch 5-0 to cab 360 out on the 30-foot long yellow straight
pin and Durand’s seemingly impossible switch back tail to switch bagel
out on a pick-up truck rail.

In the end, it came down to a HORSE game between Charles Reid and
Ghyslain Montpetit. Even though Reid was exhibiting his usual seemingly
unbeatable competitiveness, Montpetit was refusing to be the free space
on Reid’s bingo card. As both riders were dialling perfect BS180s to
Switch Nose (and Tail) Presses to Cab 180 outs and sweet stalls on the
usually skate-friendly quarterpipe, the judges had to declare them both
winners in a tie, awarding both full season passes valid in the seven
MSSI (Mont Saint-Sauveur International) resorts. Guillaume Beaudoin’s
consistency paid off in the end as he was rewarded with third place and
a similar nightly season’s pass.