The Delinquents: The Junkyard

What do you do when your local park lacks features? Start grinding. That’s exactly what The Delinquents did to produce their latest edit, “The Junkyard”. The Maritimes killers worked with Ski Martock to up the ante and give local rippers a place to express themselves, and we’re backing the results. DIY or die!

From The Delinquents’ Ian MacArthur:

“We don’t have much here for good parks, so we have been working with the hill, to help switch things up a bit. We bought some new rails for the park and grabbed a bunch of random stuff from around the yard. Hence “The Junkyard”. It’s all about getting creative and weird.”


Hayden Mactavish, Ben Ryan, Ian MacArthur, Alex Ryan, Corey Houde, Ewan Maclean, Gabe Thomas, Charlie Wells