Sleep is good for the body, straight up. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into super duper dreamland by staying in the “King of King” beds for another night. I was however able to spend a night on the couch over at Nat Gough’s house. Rumour has it that when she blew her knee last year, she didn’t leave the couch for roughly six weeks!

The two of us woke up early and drove to physio for a little duel treatment on the bodies and then headed downtown to go and meet up with TJ and Steph over at The Sign of the Skier. Once we got there, we were greeted by a few enthusiastic employees who were stoked to see TJ in person. While TJ was talking about how he became the strong handsome shredder that he really is, I took the time to chat with the manager Kevin about how business was doing. Upon completing my business duties I went and chatted with the store shredders and gave them a few goodies from my Capita/Union shred bag. While I was catching up on work and not sleeping at all last night, TJ had been doing some work on his newest The Snowboard Realms, Episode 27 video. Upon mentioning his Realms videos, he was asked to show a few of them to the staff. Since he couldn’t get any wireless, he decided to give an advanced screening of the unfinished footage to the entire staff.

With the staff happy and the product almost all sold out of the store, it was time to get out of there and head up to Alcatraz Skate and Snow. Did I mention that the weather was cold, rainy and grey bird skies? All I can say is perfect, cause now only the diehard shredders will come to the Secret Session at Dagmar later on in the afternoon. Once we got up to Alcatraz, we were able to take a few in store pictures of the shop, including one with TJ and their hot ass mannequin. Check the photos, it looks like TJ is stressing out over this plastic chick. Or is she wooden? Sorry TJ, I had to put this photo in there.

After shooting tons of photos of the store we headed over to Dagmar to get things started. The first thing that we noticed when driving into the parking lot was that TJ got a welcome sign. Not just any welcome sign though. This one was on a separate markie and displayed the following info: “Wecome TJ Schneider” as opposed to Welcome TJ Schneider. Although this got fixed half way through the session after we told the owner of Dagmar, it still got a good laugh from the crew. The guys over at Red Bull came through Dagmar in a serious way with their new vehicle that was filled with a killer sound system, tons of Red Bull, and four plasma TVs.  Damn, they do it big over there. Not to be out done, the crew at Dagmar had one of their employees bring his dune buggy, in which I later took one of the scariest rides of my life. Check the end of the new Snowboard Realms for an insight to what I’m talking about.

Even though it was raining like mad sometimes, everyone kept riding. It was so cool to see all the kids ripping around the hill doing trains on each obstacle, laughing all the way. And it wasn't just kids having a great time either. If I recall correctly, I saw Dagmar O.G. Rob Madill doing a few tricks on the slopes. This was the final filming session for The Snowboard Realms Episode 27, so kids were given’er for the camera. After the session was complete we went inside and enjoyed some of the best burgers courtesy of Jay and the Alcatraz crew. Every type of burger was there; meat, veggie, lentil, and even meat injected with onions. With no hesitation, TJ took a veggie, I took a meat injection (…hold on a second, let me rephrase that) I took an onion-injected meat burger, and Steph took a meat burger and used a veggie burger as toppings.

All said and done, Dagmar shall now be inducted into the “TJ East Coast Tour Shred Day Hall Of Fame” for the best shred session in the rain for the following reasons: Dagmar was amazing for opening up a week after closing just for us; all the obstacles were groomed perfectly; the lift was running for us; we had lots of food and drinks; the dune buggy broke my digi camera about two minutes into my ride; the kids were stoked to ride; there were no poachers; Dagmar fixed the welcome sign; everyone got some sort of prize to take home; and finally, people got along and laughed through the rain and bad weather.

Now that the shred part of the day was over, we headed to Jay’s house and got our unwind on. Nat “Betty Crocker” Gough jumped into the kitchen with Jay and decided that she would assist in baking Jay’s son a set of B-day cupcakes. About 40 minutes through chatting and checking emails, all of us were allowed to sample a few of the cupcakes that were still warm and covered in chocolate icing. Damn near perfect cupcakes if I don’t say so myself.

Once everyone went to bed I got into the swing of checking emails for about three hours. I thought about sleeping in until next Saturday, then realized I might get fired or ditched by my crew out here. I then proceeded to set my alarm for 9 a.m., and got ready for another day of traveling to Ottawa in the Martix for some more fun.  

That’s it for Day four, check the photos and keep checking back here for updates.

TJ Schneider and team manager Mikey Scott are traveling through
Ontario and Quebec this week on their way to the Empire Shakedown at
Mt. St-Sauveur and they'll be shooting photos and writing regular
updates from the road, which will all be posted on . TJ’s also filming and posting episodes of his “The Snowboard Realms ”. He'll be adding them here and to his own site,
. Check back here daily for posted updates and to find out specifically
where the crew is going next—they're looking for lots of shreds at all
their stops.

Here’s their tentative schedule for the rest of their trip:

Friday, April 4: Empire Shakedown Practice, Mt. St-Sauveur. TJ’s art show.

Saturday, April 5: Empire Shakedown Contest finals, Mt. St-Sauveur.