By David MacKinnon, photos by Ryan Pappas and Jack Dobson

Two riders, six questions: it’s your Tuesday TwoSix.

Brin Alexander and Will Kovacic get it. Dudes have been bringing Blackcomb-honed freestyle to the Whistler backcountry, getting ambitious with their bootpacks and breaking out the splits. Their footage is in No Control, a movie by Brain Cage and Big Mountain. It premieres at Garf’s this Thursday, opening night at Whistler. Looking like you might need a bit of death before download courage for the approach– Will and Brin’s TwoSix has you covered.

Been boarding?
W: Totally. My buddy Jack Dobson and I were hiking up in Brandywine, low tide but good snow!
B: We went out to Sunshine too, with Kyler Lang from Brain Cage. He’s the dude making things happen there. We filmed a little park edit with him, so that’ll be coming out soon. Kyler was also a big part of the Big Mountain X Brain Cage film, No Control. He’s been doing a lot of sweet work with that too.

Brin Alexander. Dobson photo

What’s up with No Control?
W: Well it’s a collab with Brain Cage and Big Mountain, so different minds working together. We are two different crews but kinda one in the same, a lot of the homies are a big part of both, A lot of us rep both. So we came together and spent a lot of time filming pow stuff this winter. It’s a pow movie.
B: The premiere is the 22nd at Garf’s– we figure there’s gonna be a lot of opening day hype. If you’re in Whistler, come out!

tuesday twosix
Ryan Pappas photo

Did you film in the backcountry? How did you get to the goods?
W: Lots of splitboarding and bootpacking, hey?
B: Oh yeah, definitely. Some resort stuff too which was sick, but lots of stuff in the backcountry near Pemberton. A lot of the footage is pillow footage, we did lots of bootpacking through dense, deep snow. Lots of getting cliffed out, verts for sure. But so fun. Some buddies did some boarding on the island too, they did a day where they snowboarded, surfed, and skated. I’ve gotta do that this year.

Will Kovacic. Ryan Pappas photo

Do you like splitboarding? Are splitboard projects cool, or whack?
W: Pretty hyped on splitboarding. It’s cool because there’s an environmental side to it too, it’s organic. It’s cool being far away from everything, it’s a good way to spend time.
B: Definitely has a bit more of that output, as opposed to other types of boarding. I feel like splitboarding involves itself with environmental facts– it gets you thinking about that stuff, building some awareness. It’s pretty sick.

tuesday twosix

You guys both rock climb a bit, too?
B: My dad Dave Alexander is an OG climber from back in Squamish. I usually just steal his gear and me and Will go get it.
W: Dude’s a G. I’m stoked to bring that side of it to boarding this winter.

Will Kovacic. Jack Dobson photo

On that note, season plans? Sounds like you’re thinking big things?
B: Totally. It would be fun to get some big alpine faces, some spines.
W: I’d love to get up on Mount Cayley, or into the Tantalus Range. Ride some of the big lines around here… Dreams of Alaska and Chatter Creek too, maybe do a big trip in the spring. We’ll see what happens!

Shout-outs to Kyler Lang and Brain Cage, and to everyone who helped. Shout-out to Brin’s Dad for the rope. Brain Cage X Big Mountainn “No Control” drops this Thursday at Garf’s, look for it at after that!