The backcountry surrounding Whistler and Pemberton is a unique environment, with coastal temperatures allowing very diverse flora and fauna to thrive at elevations reaching nearly 3000 metres.  Even in the winter months, predators like wolverines and eagles are seen travelling through glaciated terrain and ungulates like the mountain goats of the Hurley Pass can be found climbing to incredible places.  When snowfalls reach approximately 1.5 metres below treeline, a niche subgenus of rippers known as pillow-bashing-shred-dogs has often been observed logging hammers, listening to metal, and chucking suds, buckets, and high fives.  The Turn & Burn crew recently logged some fascinating footage of such behaviour from Beau Bishop, Andrew Burns, Trevan Salmon, and Wiley Tesseo– we figured that we’d better get it up, in the interest of science.

TURN & BURN 2016 – Part TWO – NATURAL HABITAT from TURN & BURN on Vimeo.




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