For the second episode of “Turn and Burn” Beau Bishop hit some backcountry booters with his homies and then headed to interior B.C. to get steep and deep. However, considering the amount of pillows and powder in the footage, you’d think he went to Japan. This Halftime show is definitely one worth watching.

From Beau Bishop:

We’ve just passed the halfway point of the season, and as usual, it’s crazy how fast it’s gone. The beginning of winter was incredible but also presented many challenges. The days were short, the sun didn’t come around too often, snowmobiles exploded, and Wiley dislocated his shoulder 20 miles out in the backcountry. However, one thing is certain—you can break our snowmobiles, you can break our bodies, but you can’t break our spirits.

For our second episode of the season, we got out with a bunch of the homies in Whistler and Pemberton, Burns took a quick trip to Baker, and while we had a brief warming trend in Whistler, our filmer Dave and I hit the road to the interior of BC, where the temperatures stayed colder. We hit Whitewater Resort for a day then linked up with local legend Adraon Buck who took us to his top secret zones somewhere outside Nelson, B.C.