The Loon Project from Jon Stark on Vimeo.

Krush Kulesza’s creativity transcends the physical.  He understands that the malleability of snow is present in communal reactions, that the latter can be shaped just like the parks he’s created with events like Holy Bowly, Tube City, and Boxes for Days.  His latest endeavour, simply called “The Loon Project,” was an exercise in social architecture using the medium of a digital landscape.  Together with Scott Stevens, Krush hatched a plan.  The first stage was to build a plaza style park at New Hampshire’s Loon Mountain, a venue for 3D flow built on a tranny garden chassis, with rails, wallrides, chains, and every other feature the boys could get their hands on placed strategically throughout.  Steps two and three were farm local talent and session the sh*t out of the place on the hush, without whispering a word of build up to the collective snowboard consciousness.  Finally, when we had slumbered long enough, The Loon Project pried apart our eyelids with a hashtag, awakening our feeds to the madness and the radness Krush and Scotty had created.  #theloonproject was alive, and the shred community shared in the experience of asking what the hell it was and why no one had heard about it.  Surprise quickly gave way to stoke as hammer and hammer flashed across Instagram, and Krush’s vision was achieved: a surprise dose of the rad had struck his people, and reminded them that boarding has tricks up its sleeve yet.

The Loon Project was made possible with support from CAPiTA, Coal,, Crab Grab, and Loon Mountain.

Edit: John Stark

Film: Jon Stark, Eli Olson, Mark Dangler, Harry Hagan, Paul Osbourne, Johnny O’Connor, and Dr. B