Words & Photos: Sam Weston
Session 2 of the Whistler Blackcomb/WVSC glacier camp was awesome. All the campers were ripping and everyone was having a good time. We had a hot dog BBQ on the hill the last day of camp and some pro shreds (DCP, Darcy Sharpe, Mikey Ciccarelli, Mercedes Nicoll and The ManBoys, Robjn Taylor) came by to hang and board with the kids.
It was an amazing two weeks of Whistler Valley Snowboard Summer Camp and we are already stoked for next summer! Big thanks to WVSC director, Rob Picard and Whistler Blackcomb for making this happen. Also, a shout out to the coaches, Joe McAdoo, Sam Weston, Antoine Malingrey, Gunnoir Marquis and Josh Howell, for all their hard work.



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