Snowboard Canada has identified the following 15 riders for the one
thing they have in common: the ability to stand out in a crowd.
Regardless of their individual style, tenacity, creativity or ability,
they all deserve a few minutes of your attention. But what’s next for
these riders? The future is uncertain at best. But if they really and
truly want it, we’re confident they can get it and as time unfolds
we’ll find out who does. Here are the full interviews we conducted for
the printed issue of Snowboard Canada. We hope you enjoy the 15,000
words (unedited for length) in all their glory. —Scott Birke

Alex Ferland

Andrew Geeves

Ben Bilocq

Jason Dubois

Aaron Johnson

Jeremy Cloutier

Jesse Delgrosse

Jess Kimura

Jordan Bell

Kael Christopher Hill

Mikey Pederson

Raewyn Reid

Rusty Ockenden

Seb Toots

Todd Williamson