When you say something is holy, it evokes thoughts of set apart, special, reserved, one of a kind… this years Holy Bowly was that to say the least. Upon arrival into this epic display of creative tranny madness, I was beyond stoked to witness the shredding that would ensue over the week from the worlds best talent in snowboarding. This invite only event didn’t disappoint; it for sure lives up to the hype and for any snowboarder lucky enough to be invited, your snowboard daydreams just became a reality.

Over the week, the vibe of each day was truly a bonding time as sessions from the crews just kept happening and the level of stoked kept increasing and beyond the riding, the group effort at the end of each day of shovelling/raking to insure the next day would be as good as the first was also something that felt like a rite of passage throughout the event! You felt like you became not just a shredder that can do a cool trick to get some ego feeding cheers but a participant in creating this work of art for your homies to send it the next day.

To say the least “Holy Bowly” is the real deal and excited to see how this gathering continues to shape our sport. Big shout out to Snowboy Productions, Arena Snowparks, Monster Energy, Lib Tech, Pisten Bully and Mt Hood Timberline for making this event happen.

Words and photos: Chad Chomlack