Powder boarding in the Koots is something that should be on every shredder’s tick list.  Of all the wonderful adventures to be had in our sport, there aren’t many that offer better bang in terms of soul-driven whoop boardin’.  The pillow fields are abundant and relatively easy to stumble upon, the tree features are frequent enough to stoke out aimless bootpackers, and rippers who are dialled can scheme up missions without much hassle past Google Earth.  After the powder, towns like Nelson boost Kootenay experiences with artistic and eccentric vibes, good-times-only night life, and salt-of-the-earth locals.

This edit came to us from the heart of Powder Country, straight from the quartz-beds of BC’s rad.  The initiated will recognize the riders.  For those of you who haven’t had your chance, or anybody still wondering about those Lazy Crew tags they saw sprinkled through the hut network of the Koots, these shreds are some of the nicest and most genuine folks you’ll ever meet, stoked to share a high five if your smiling and a couch if your lucky.  From the looks of things, they’ve got a drone to play with and in this edit they get themselves in some committing situations.  Just in time to kick off summer jonesin’, Showtime Films’ “The Ride 02/107: Backcountry.”