On Tuesday, Anna Gasser blew our minds. The 27-year old Austrian raised the bar with a massive Cab Triple Cork, the first one ever landed by a woman. After multiple X-Games gold medals and her Big Air win at last season’s Pyeongchang Olympics, stomping the Triple puts her square in the ranks of legends. We caught up with Anna to find out what went into the triple and where she sees it going.

Anna, huge congratulations on the triple. You’re insane. Did you know you were going to try the trick that day?
I didn’t think about it at all. In the past when I planned to try a new trick, I kind of knew in the morning that this was gonna be the day. On Tuesday it was supposed to be windy so I went up with no expectations at all but then it turned out to be a bluebird day, no wind and the big jump was in perfect shape.

At what point in the session did you go for it? How did you know the time was right?
I began to warm up with a few basic tricks, after some laps I started off with a few cab doubles. Honestly, even though the jump was one of the biggest I have ever done these tricks on it still felt super mellow. Everything was relaxed and just good and the takeoff was perfect. I had enough airtime and always felt in full control doing doubles, so I spontaneously decided to go for the triple. It just felt right at that moment, as the setup was so perfect.

Anna Gasser

Did it take a couple of tries, or did you stomp it first T?
I got it first try! My hands were shaking a bit afterwards.

How did you approach learning the triple? How long have you been working on it?I have never tried it on snow before. It really was my first attempt going for it. I’ve had it in mind and I tried to visualize it for a long time before already. That’s usually part of my technique to master new tricks.

You have a few variations of double 10, and they’re textbook– perfectly off-axis. What are your goals for the triple? You did cab 1260– will you be working to incorporate more spins, different spin directions, etc?
My focus is more on technical demanding tricks and to improve my snowboarding in general. There is so much more I wanna try and I’ll obviously try to implement things I’ve already learned. I am super excited though that I managed to mark this one off my list, for sure a test of courage.

Is this a competition trick?
We will see. I believe the setup at in-city comps for example will not allow me to go for this trick due to the size of the jumps. Maybe at events like x-games with big enough jumps it might be worth a try, but we will see.

Prime Park crew for the great setup on Stubai glacier!