Yesterday we snuck out for some laps, but committed a cardinal sin.  We checked the work accounts from the hill.  Yet thanks to Austin Johnson, our lapse into desk jock mentalities was not completely anti-rad.  He hit us with his park edit from 2015/16, and managed to fire us up from halfway across the country.  Check this one out for a clinic in technicality from the Mt. St. Louis ripper:

Wondering how you can submit footy and be featured on the site?  Well homies, ask around.  Part of snowboarding is learning how to hussle, and y’ain’t qualified for even hussle 101 if you can’t find your mark.  If you don’t know where to start pop in to your local shop– one of the greaseballs working there should point you in the right direction.

Film: Enroute, Pat Quesnel, Dean Carrero, Mat Wilcox

Edit: Austin Johnson

Music: EVIL MAKINGS – Halloween & Rae Sremmurd – Yno (feat. Big Sean)