OKAY, so here’s the short. Deep Winter, a classic winter photography competition traditional hosted by Whistler Blackcomb is on a hiatus. Origin stepped in and stepped up the event at the same time. Pairing established photographers with up and comers to shoot a mixed team of pro and amateur athletes over three days. As a photog team, they have to put together a slideshow that will wow the crowds, tug at their heartstrings and make them laugh – no easy task. Okay so our version of short wasn’t so short, here’s what Origin has to say about it informal words and stuff.

UPRISING: The event brings an exciting new format to a legendary photography competition. Teams of pros and proteges will work alongside each other to capture the moments of mountain life that inspire us and present them in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Come join a buzzing audience of 1100 skiers, snowboarders, and photographers, and celebrate this town’s amazing talent at Whistler’s Fairmont Chateau. Attendees will also be part of the event, by choosing who takes home our Best in Show People’s Choice Award. With your purchase, you’ll also be supporting Protect Our Winters Canada.


I’m 26 years old, born in Vancouver but raised in Ontario. I like to think of myself as an athlete and photographer. I’ve been a snowboarder since I was 7 and photography is just a beautiful way of sharing these memories along the way. From dirtbike adventures in the summer to sunset split missions in the winter. I rarely am seen without my camera, when the light is good. 

Tyler Ravelle doing Tyler Ravelle things captured by Mirae Campbell

BTS of Uprising Q+A

Tyler was asked to join established photographer Mason Mashon as his mentee, here’s what Tyler has to share about the experience.

What got you into photography in the first place?
TR: I got into it because my friends got really good at skateboarding and it was a way for me to continue to hang with them, help out their skate careers and have a good time.

Most stoked you’ve ever been with a camera in your hand?
TR: I think the one moment that sticks out, in particular, was a surf/flying trip to Nootka with Mason Mashon, Charles Reid, and Bushy. We made a giant fire and as the sunset, the milky way came perfectly in line with the plane on the beach. I was so happy to have my tripod and camera with me then.

Goals for your photography career?
TR: Continue to have a great time with my friends, particularly while we are in the mountains or in the ocean. Maybe pay more bills along the way too. 

What are your thoughts on the mentor/mentee relationship with the Uprising photo competition?
TR: It’s a refreshing take on kind of a stale event. Origin came up with a great concept and I’m sure everyone is going to finish this project having learned something. Mentor and mentee included.

Most valuable thing you learned from shooting with Mason?
TR: Communication and planning. Waiting for the right light and planning features on how and when the light will hit it.

Biggest mystery after shooting with Mason?
TR: How is he so good at sledding with 15 TeePee poles tied to the back of the sled. He was breaking trail and we were getting stuck a lot.

How involved in the crew and location selection were you?
TR: I’d say very involved. We bounced a lot of ideas off each other. I’ve spent a good amount of time in the backcountry here and I knew where we could shoot with good light. 

Was there a big learning curve to shooting in a comp compared to your normal approach to shooting? What was different?
TR: This was definitely not as chill, we had an objective and I couldn’t really stray too far from it. Normally I would be riding a lot more but this time it was all business. Hardly got to strap in for 3 days. 

The biggest highlight of shooting?
TR: Staying in the TeePee, watching the sun go down and rise in the alpine was very special.

The biggest challenge of shooting?
TR: Sled problems. I had a sled breakdown on the first day and had to scramble to get something else. 

Last thoughts before we see ya on the big screen?
I just want to thank my buddy Mason for bringing me out on this adventure. I cant wait to see what we come up with in the future. 

CHECK IT: Well, we’re pretty dang stoked to see what this dynamic snowboarding duo has cooked up! Looking forward to catching their show on the big screen live in Whistler tomorrow. It will be online later for the frothing for the rest of the non-Whistler based readers. We’ll surely toss a link up when the time comes!